Tuesday, May 3

ummm hi! I'm new!

A lot lot lot has happened,
in a short short short amount of time.

I'm new!
you will see what I mean, and I will update eventually on everything and how everything in unfolding but for now I just want to post something lovely before I lose it!

I am moving home to Michigan!
Yes, it's okay to ask... I am getting a divorce.
and starting my life over.
I will be getting my own apartment/house, and decorating it to my hearts content.
I am sure among that time I will be spending a lot of time running as well. anyone to join?
I will be buying actual furniture pieces and I will someday want in my home...... long time down the road.

This table, is one of them.
From restoration hardware..... and I absolutely die over it.
I can't decide if I like this glass top option:

or the one I had originally seen, and fallen in love with.

which in a room would look like this...

I mean, I don't know how someone can't look at that and just think .... yep! I'll take it!
I will be saving my pennies lovies! everyone is welcome over for a housewarming!

Tuesday, April 26

home, can't leave.

I am home in Michigan.
I have been for a week now.
I am leaving tomorrow evening and I am currently feeling literally sick to my stomach about it. I can't go back to Utah, I can't leave this place. I am home here, this place brings me to life. I miss everyone I love there, and my job and my friends, but I feel so safe here at home. I feel sick.

Sunday, April 17

....not winning any parenting awards.

I am crushed.
I am the worst mom ever.

I shut Mincey's tail in the door to the apartment today, and it was badly injured.
She has to get it amputated :( I cried and cried, I felt so terrible.
She didn't seem to put out about it, after she was done hissing at me that is. She hates me.
We took her to the ER for animals, and the surgery was so expensive I almost threw up. But her poor little tail looked like it was hanging by a thread. Oh my. She is there now and when we go pick her up she will have half the tail she had before. and a cone on her head.

featherstoobright.blogspot.com {coming soon}

The reason I chose the name
{ feathers} {too} {bright}
is from my all time favorite movie.
The Shawshank Redemption.

"I have to remind my self that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. "
I have loved that all my life. I find that to adequately describe me. In the most humble way, I understand that I have always been a free spirit. It's just in my blood. so.. featherstoobright. it is. NOW i just need to find the most perfect picture for the header. Or rather take it.

Change your blog setting so when I finally make the switch you are all updated. 

Friday, April 15

changing the name!!!

Not quite yet but soon I will be changing the blog's name! SO while I know I don't have the most followers I wouldn't want anyone to not be able to find me.

As my blog is transitioning into something greater then just my day to day rants I have decided to maybe, just maybe try and make something of it! Wish me luck!


So just add it to your list, that way when I finally go for the change you will all be ready!